Spraybooth Pt. 2

Construction Of My Spraybooth

Page 2

Here the acrylic (or Plexiglas?) strip and door have been added with double-sided mounting tape. I’ve also gone around the edges and gaps on the hood with white electrical tape.

I used Velcro to help hold the door flush with the front of the booth.

It’s done! The thing in back of the booth is the air conditioning filter. It catches overspray.

The 60 watt daylight-simulating bulb is nice and bright!

Here’s where the air comes out. I set this in the windowsill and out go the fumes…

The backside of the exit vent.

My Iwata Smart Jet and Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush. The clip is on the right side of my booth. It is a $2.50 Paasche clip with the soft side of Velcro on it for cushioning.

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