Spraybooth Pt. 1

Construction Of My Spraybooth

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My spraybooth is kind of HUGE because it is also my main building area and photo booth, since I only have one bench to work at and the rest of my bench is occupied by 18 little drawers of parts and tools.

The booth is mainly made from a cabinet unit and above range light/vent I got at Home Depot. I covered the front with a hinged plexiglass door so that it works like the fume hood in the Lab I work at. Air flows in through the small slot in the bottom and is sucked up and out by the fan.

If I move some day, I may take the opportunity to install a second fan in the back to make it really suck. Here’s a pictorial of how I put it together:

The cabinet seen from the back (which is the FRONT of the spraybooth. The cutout is for the range hood vent. It was cut out with a jigsaw.

The front of the cabinet (BACK of the booth). Note the screws that attach the door. Pre-drill holes because the particle board isn’t strong enough for self-tapping screws.

Test-fitting the range hood…

There are 3 parts stuck to the hood in this picture. The 3.75’ x 10” vent, the rectangle-to-4” round hose adapter (it has the barcode sticker) and the 4” starter adapter (above the duct tape).

The top of the cabinet/bottom of the hood. The silver netting is the carbon filter (the carbon filter sits above the metal mesh, you can’t see it). In front is the light.

The 3.75’ x 10” vent has a flap inside to help prevent backflow of air. I ended up taking it out because it also prevented outflow of air.

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