VF-25S Work In Progress

I started this project in Fall of 2012. I had planned to quickly build this Bandai 1/100 VF-25 as Alto’s F and after putting it together, fixing the seam lines, and then fixing the fingerprint I melted into the model with an errant drop of glue and a dumb thumb, I immediately burnt out when I started painting the fuselage white. I had just recently finished my white Super VF-1D and I was planning on shading this one the same way, by starting with gray primer and slowly building up thin layers of white shading inside each set of panel lines. It’s a painstaking process and I had no enthusiasm for it.

I shelved the project and there it sat on skewers for about a year and a half. Back when I bought this kit I bought 3 of them with the intention to render the stickers as decals and build multiple versions. In the end I made 6 decals versions, Ozma’s S, Alto’s F, Mikel’s G, A blue version of Alto’s markings (reminiscent of Max’s VF-1A in DYRL), A VX-9-looking set to match the black 1/72 Battroid Super Messiah I want to build and a version of the YF-25 Prophecy that will let me use the VF-25F head.

I came back to this project after finishing my Core Fighter and fixing my Wing Gundam shadow box. I decided to avoid the white paint for now by building Ozma’s Skull One VF-25S. I spent a day or two modifying the head by rearranging the panel lines, adding some fillets and converting the turrets from Alto’s 2 gun version to a passable version of Ozma’s 4-gun version.

After that, the build was straightforward with a paintjob using basic preshading. The hardest part was masking the two-tone portion although Bandai had done a decent job with parts breakdown (you can tell they had planned to do the other versions by the parts breakdown) and I cheated by omitting the lighter gray on a few smaller areas on the bottom of the Valkyrie.

Considering the small size, the simplicity of the kit, and the ease of the build, I’m very happy with how this came out. I’m sure I’ll build the other two I have and maybe get around to buying the other three. The 1/72 Hasegawa versions look really nice but I can build all of these 1/100 Bandai kits for a fraction of the money and effort and get something nearly as nice.

Click the picture link below for the completed model gallery for this model.

Completed Model Gallery Page

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