HGUC Rick Dias WIP

July 10th, 2017

I bought and snapped together this kit around eight to ten years ago. Around 2015 I started taking a group of snapped 1/144 High Grade kits I had to build gatherings to glue them and work on their seam lines. In early 2016 I decided to focus on just one of them, the Rick Dias. I had designed decals for it way back in the day and I thought I should use them before they got too old. I basically built the Dias the way I envisioned it back when I snapped it around 2008. Back then fractal camo, panel lines, and metal bits were the shit, so that’s what I did with it.

Panel lines were added all over the model. I also added little plastic plates and strips for visual interest. I cut vents out on the outer leg armor and shoulders and filled them with corrugated plastic so they looked like something functional. The kit has many round recesses and I filled almost all of them with either photoetched parts or metal bits/rivets. The gun barrels were all drilled out and given metal gun barrel tips and I added a sight/sensor that is a mix of scratchbuilding and Gunpla Builders parts to the end of the bazooka. I replaced the molded power conduits in the elbows with metal beads on a wire because the kit’s parts just looked terrible. The hands were replaced with some (slightly too big) aftermarket hands from Kotobukiya. Meh, lots of Zeta designs have huge hands anyway… then I painted it all with a fractal scheme and put my custom decals on it.

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