Cherudim 69!

I posted a bit about this project in my GM Custom WIP, but now the Cherudim gets its own post. This is a stress-relief build (really) so I’m keeping it simple.

I bought two of these kits that Bluefin had on sale at Anime Expo for $20 each and I just went to town cramming as much crap onto one of them as possible. My upgrade gives the Cherudim 100% more guns, 100% more GN thrusters, over 50% more shield bits and infinity percent more beam sabers. And it doesn’t have that ugly-ass shield bit “tail”. Since it takes 2 kits (and 2 decal sheets) to make this version and it’s easy to take the 6 on the shoulder and flip it, I’m going to call it the Cherudim 69.

The biggest mod was cutting the side skirt armor mounts off one kit and putting it onto the back of the waist so that I could put both of the shield bit mounts on the back of the Cherudim.

Here’s the snap of the kit. Most of the changes were done by trying to put things places and seeing what could go where with the least amount of work.

Since I won’t deploy the nonsensical sniper-visor-over-the-eyes gimmick (especially on the legs!), I’m cutting notches out of them so I can glue, putty and paint them and them snap them in afterwards.

I thought with all the armament it was lame that the Cherudim has no melee weapons (unless those small dull things under the pistols are supposed to be axe blades). MBizzle was nice enough to give me some spare Exia beam sabers from one of his projects so I modded two of the pistols with beam saber bayonets. That’s three models with bayonets… It’s starting to be a pattern.

Next I did a little mod so that I could slip the knees in and out after glue and paint. The first step is to shave down the pegs on the gray knee parts so they can get in from the top of the calves.

Then I had to cut some notches in the inside of the calves for the knee to slip into:

And there’s the knee. On the side of the leg you can see the mount for the backpack thrusters I have mounted on the sides of the calves. The mounts are just the sides of the center of the backpack from the other kit.

Next I took the side handle off both guns just because I’m not a big fan of them in general and also you have to paint them and then move them and then paint the part that didn’t get painted the first time. I filled the places they stick out of with some plastic rod and a backplate. I also cut the back off the sliding parts so that they gun parts could be painted separately and… yep you guessed it, put back together after putty and paint.

The bin on the left has the parts that are ready to prime and the bin on the left has the glued parts that need putty and sanding. I **almost** got that done this weekend.

I hope to prime this week, and be ready to paint next weekend. But I have a midterm this week and there’s the wife and kid and all, so my predictions of progress always prove too optimistic. Maybe ready to paint by the end of next weekend?

I’ve started painting, the white is done. I’m about to go test shoot two sets of colors I have. One is a lighter green (more or less original color) and the other is a more desert-tan look (been looking at the Wave Tomahawk Destroid pictures so much, it must be wearing off on me). Still haven’t decided.

Here are the parts primed and ready to go:

Here are the test pieces next to a white arm piece. Even after seeing the actual colors I still can’t decide.

I almost want to combine all three colors in a camo like those used by USAF jets in the Vietnam era (example: ), but the camo wouldn’t go with the white stripe designer’s color decals.

In the end I couldn’t resist, AMS took over so camo it is:

Hope to mask the camo (only about 10 parts need masking, the shield bits will all be one solid color or the other) tonight and spray the green and a clearcoat Friday and do decals at the BG.

October 30th, 2010

This project got a bit stalled. In part it was because I realized I wasn’t going to make the deadline for our local model con and also because life just got really busy the last couple weeks.

Here’s the progress that’s been made since the last post:

I finished painting the camo and got it glossed up for the build gathering. I then was able to apply all the decals that go on the camo, which is most of the decals on the kit.

Then I kind of stalled out on the framework. I got busy and I was a bit burnt out after not making the con and then I just was procrastinating on masking the guns. I’m going two-tone with them since they are big and would look dull in just one color. That’s 4 pistols and 4 pieces of rifle to mask. It wasn’t hard but it took a while.

3 day weekend ahead, hope to be done with all paint by then.

A bit more progress. I just had a test in my class so work on the Cherudim has been in dribs and drabs this week. But, painting is done. I need to clearcoat the newly-painted parts and apply some more decals to them and then clearcoat/wash/clearcoat/weather/clearcoat/assemble. Hopefully done well before the next BG but it will depend on what kind of crazy-ass assignments my instructor gives and whether they take a couple hours or an entire day…

I’m a little bummed that this color on the guns came out so green, I was aiming for gray/tan and obviously missed. Still, I’m glad I did the masking and made two-tone guns because these would have been boring in all black.