Airfix Messerschmitt WIP

November 5th, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

I really like the little 1/72 Airfix Spitfire I that built a few years ago, so when IPMS Orange County had a monthly theme contest for Spitfire vs. Messerschmitt I looked at it as a good excuse to build the Airfix Messerschmitt. The Spitfire was built almost OOB, but I did a lot more work on the Messerschmitt.

Unlike the Spitfire, this kit has an open cockpit, so I did some detailing in the cockpit since several noticeable features were missing. On the left side I added a throttle column, a map light, and most importantly the big trim wheel. On the right side I added a switch console, some wiring, and the oxygen tank and basket. I also added straps to the foot pedals and little plastic buckles to the molded-in seatbelts in the seat. Aside from that, the only detailing I added is the brake lines on the main landing gear. From there on it was lots of careful painting. This is one of the simpler camouflage schemes you can get on a 109, but it was still pretty complicated, especially on such a small model. The only other thing to note is what a $&*@%# pain in the ass the windshield masking was. Who knew the 109 had more than 15 panes of glass in its canopy (not the first time I’ve asked myself… “What were the Germans thinking?!?”) I have a Tamiya Bf109E kit in 1/48 and after building this Airfix 109, I bought the Eduard paint masks for Tamiya kit. But in the end, like the Airfix Spitfire I built, I’m really happy with how it came out, and it’s a prize winner.

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