Nov. 2010 BG

Last night I hosted the November build gathering at my house. We had a medium sized turnout with about a dozen people. Terry got there on time but we weren’t there… doh! Mexican time.

Terry brought a new army of Dark something or others. They looked like they were into some crazy S&M but their Jabba the Hut-style skiffs were pretty well-detailed (chains and whips included) and several of the figures were posed to hang off the edges, which looked cool.

Mika showed up to a BG for the first time, as did my twin brothers-in-law. They’re anime nerds, but even amongst us anime nerds they seem socially awkward. Clem got things going right off the bat by commenting that they were dressed the same, and then asking them sarcastically if they did that on purpose. They may be twins but they ARE 22 years old, about 10 years too old for that in my book. They were pretty quiet but I’m glad they came and that they seemed to get most of the jokes we were making. Maybe there’s hope for them.

I finished my Cherudim 69 and also got my award for winning the NY Comic Con edition of the Bandai Model Kit World Cup (a ver. Kunio Okawara PG Gundam) and my medal for winning the US leg of the World Cup.

Terry showed my the Creme Fraiche episode of South Park and a group of us watched it in the corner and laughed our asses off. “Now use your other arm.”

Clem went to get his girlfriend and the rest of us went to dinner at Portillo’s. There was a guy there with a Zeon jacket and I realized he wasn’t part of our group. There are others out there…

When we came back (that is, everyone but Clem… he must have been enjoying time with his GF without the Gunpla crowd) we watched Unicorn episode 2. We all had a good laugh at the part where they opened up the cockpit and were shocked (just SHOCKED!!!) to see that the pilot was a civilian teenager (He’s just a BOY!!!). That never happens in Gundam.

Then I went and got the cake for the twins as it was their birthday. Just 18 more to go until they’re 40 Year Old Virgins. After that it was more building. Things broke up around 11:30.

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