March BG and ValleyCon 2011

ValleyCon and the March Build Gathering

In March I hosted the build gathering at my house again. It was pretty typical which was good since the BGs tend to be kind of sedate at my house. This time there was drinking and Rock Band as well as the usual building and smart-ass comments. I managed to put my foot in my mouth right in front of my wife. Doh!

The next weekend was ValleyCon. We came, we saw, we walked away scratching our heads, as usual. We made a decent showing of kits and there were even some nice Gundam models that weren’t from our group. However, as usual we were flabbergasted ny the results. Third place: Gamerabaenre’s 28-light Sazabi. Second place, some German halftracks converted to walkers by sticking them on some Star Wars AT-ST legs (Panzer in Space if I’ve ever seen one) and first place in mechanical SCI-FI (as in Science FICTION) went to a Saturn V rocket. It was scratchbuilt and nice and HUGE, but it was NON-FICTIONAL and IMO should have been in the rockets and artillery category, because that category is for non-fictional ROCKETS. But why crowd that barely-filled category when you can screw the robot guys?

Still, I enjoyed looking at the models and did some shopping. I got a Tamiya 1:48 Sherman Tank for $10 so that was a win.

Speaking of Win, Grand Admiral Sean won for a couple of ships and a Japanses Bulldozer. bhop won for a WWII US Tank Commander figure.

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