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Unicorn Gundam… Otra Vez

September 27th, 2011 No comments

For those that are Spanish-impaired, “Otra Vez” means “Again”…

Steve at Bluefin called us up last week hoping to get some TLC for the Unicorn. Back in early summer we spruced up the 7-foot-tall Unicorn he got from Bandai with some extra detailing and decals. Unfortunately, the polyurethane clearcoat we used yellowed pretty badly (especially after being baked in the heat of a container and then left out in the sun during transport back and forth across the country). Also, the Unicorn took some damage from rough handling.

Since Clem and Angel will be out of town and I’m trying like hell to get my GM Team build done we didn’t have a lot of time to work. We debated repainting the whole thing but thought that would take up too much time so we went with weathering it with the idea to make all the yellowing and scrapes look like battle wear.

Your typical garage: washer, dryer, lawnmower, kid’s toys, 7-foot-tall robot…
Gundam in my Garage

I took delivery Saturday morning and had to explain to all my neighbors what the heck this thing was. You see, I build these models and the nationwide distributor is local and we help him out sometimes, blah blah blah. I’m a anime Gunpla nerd freak.

Angel, Clem (Gamerabaenre) and Manny (mbizzle) came over around noon on Sunday and after a bit of debate the Mexicans got to weathering using medium gray pastels while the Chinese guy started adding paint chips. We were going to put him on supplies, but…

Gundam Group Effort 1

Gundam Group Effort 2

Anyway, the Unicorn has no head at the moment. It’s somewhere in a box in the Bluefin warehouse. Somewhere. We weathered the rest of it in just a few hours and then the other guys all poisoned themselves as we did a group flatcoat. I had my mask, so I had fun watching them turn red and then run out of the garage for some air and hen run back in and keep spraying.

Unicorn Weathering Complete

Unicorn Weathering Complete

Unicorn Weathering Complete

Unicorn Weathering Complete

I think it came out pretty good. It looks like a ship out of star wars all stained and discolored. It’s got a lot more definition now and looks a lot less like a chunk of wood. Clem said since it’s all beat up and missing a head we should pose the gun pointing up in the famous “final shot” pose. Haha!

September (and August) Update

September 27th, 2011 No comments

I haven’t put up a post in a really long time but there hasn’t been one big thing to post about, just little things and some slow progress on my kits.

In late July I took a road trip with several of Those Gundam Guys to ComicCon. I had never been before so it was a novelty but I didn’t really care for it. There was a good panel on resin casting but aside from that the most interesting thing that happened was that I went to go geek out on Scott Hards at the HLJ booth but when he saw the vendor pass I had from Bluefin and went totally cold on me. That was awkward. I didn’t try to explain anything because I wasn’t going to throw Bluefin under the bus, but I like HLJ, too. It made me reflect on the state of the hobby. At least here in Southern California we have this great Gunpla store (Robot4Less, no I don’t work for them… but they are kind of my buddies since I’m there a few times a month) and we want to support it, and Bandai is really pushing to get Gunpla into America via American-based sellers so that’s great. Anime and Gunpla seem to be solidy on the rise here in America. But as much as things have progressed, we still don’t have everything. While Scott Hards was giving me the cold shoulder at ComicCon I had a couple kits on the way from HLJ. Earlier in the year I had ordered some Macross items from them because nobody “legit” in the US carries it because of the whole Harmony Gold Robotech/Macross licensing debacle. I wonder in time if gunpla will become so mainstream in the US that regularly checking out the Japanese vendor sites will become a thing of the past?

Anyway, here’s Gamerabaenre’s account of the day:
Comic Con 2011

August included a family camping trip and a build gathering at my house.

It was pretty uneventful except for the part where Clem hit one of the neighborhood kids with his car. Actually, it was more like one of the neighborhood kids hit his car. I was at Robot4Less with a group of people when it happened but when Terry called me and said the street was swarming with cops, firemen and ambulances, I was pretty sure I knew which group of kids the “victim” came from. They’re about 7-11 years old and play back and forth across the street with no parental supervision. It was a matter of time… And what have the parents done since then to deal with the issue? They got some cones to put up in the street when the kids are playing. Still no adult supervision. Nice.

I’ve been working on the GM Team diorama group build thing with Those Gundam Guys. I’ve spent plenty of money locally on that project (I bought 4 of the 6 kits I’m using in it from Robot4Less). We’ve got a pretty good start on the group base and I’ve worked out how it’s all going to look. We got together a couple weekends ago and worked on the base in a coordinated effort to get it… closer to done.

Pinned GMs

Pinned GMs

John Woo GM

John Woo GM

Brandon the Bearded One aplpies plaster paper.

Brandon the Bearded One aplpies plaster paper.

At the last official build gathering a group went to R4L and I worked out a deal with Jeff and we split a pair of the HGUC/UC Hardgraph Ground War sets so that we could each get one MS and one each of the tank, hovertruck, Wappa and troops/accessories. I later sold of my MS kit to another member, so I managed to just get the vehicles for about $13.



I put these little kits together at the build gathering. They’re pretty impressive. The tank and hover truck are each about 20 pieces and despite being only 2 inches long have some really great detail. The Wappa isn’t quite as good but to be fair it’s probably not even an inch long. I’m putting some work into replacing some of the stowage rails on the back of the tank with actual metal wire. On the kit it’s just solid plastic slabs and it’s the only bad part of the kit. The bottom of the railing is mesh on the “real” thing and at that scale I’ll accept solid plastic, but the top is open railing and really has to be replaced (at least according to my AMS). The Wappa has similar issues where solid slabs of plastic are supposed to represent railing. I may fix it or I may just leave it out. The cost-to-benefit ratio is not that great for the Wappa.

The rest of the project is primered plastic. Between these GMs, the not-Rick Dom II and my Super Valkyrie (officially shelved until the group build is done) there is a LOT of primered plastic around my workbench…
Surface prep on the GMs is almost done and after that I’m looking forward to really finishing this build quickly and maybe getting the Valk done by the SCGMC.

The other news is that I’ve given into Roy’s requests and prodding and put some of my kits up for sale at Robot4Less. I have mixed feelings about selling my stuff. On the one hand after going to all the contests and then sitting on my shelves for a couple years, what am I getting out of them? On the other hand, I spent months on these projects and the 6 or 7 models I’m selling represent about 2 years of work and half of my total collection. I’m hoping to make enough from them to buy a DSLR camera but who knows…

See My Models at Robot4Less

July 15th, 2011 No comments

Recently the Robot4Less store got a nice big glass display case. Roy, the owner invited me to bring in some of my built models. I’m always glad to put up my models because to be totally honest I like to show them off, but also I hope they generate more interest in the hobby. Hopefully it helps Roy sell more models, too! I know I get inspired when I see other people’s work. I took five models, the Cherudim, the Peace and Freedom, the Enact, The Hazel OWSLA and the Sazabi:

I put up a little sign pointing people to my site as well as and the Gamerabaenre Forum. I also got a Southern California Gundam Model Competition sign put up. There’s another thing I want to generate interest in!

I talked to Clem (Gamerabaenre) and he said he might take a couple kits over as well. I’ll probably rotate different models through the case over time.

Roy asked if I would be willing to sell some of the models I brought it. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I have no idea what to charge for a kit and I’d have to decide which (if any) I’d be willing to part with…

Funakatown Tweaked

July 14th, 2011 No comments

I did a bit of work tonight trying to clean up some things as well as add some more links. I also moved my “Getting Started” links page to its own category as I want it to be prominent so that anybody who stumbles onto my site can find there way to more information to get them further into the hobby.

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ANA Gundam Complete!

July 14th, 2011 No comments

Check out all the pictures:

CLICK HERE to go to the Photo Page

Anime Expo 2011 Day 3

July 8th, 2011 No comments

Anime Expo 2011 Day 3

The next day I was smart enough to carpool with Clem, Yuki and Angel. We stopped at Angel’s to pick him up and I got to see Angel’s house for the first time. Man that guy has built a LOT of built models! He’s got four of those IKEA display cases full of them.

We got to AX around noon. Of course we head for the Bluefin booth where we meet up with people and hang out. After a bit I went to go watch Gundam Unicorn 3. There was a panel afterwards but it was all the English voice cast so I didn’t stick around. I don’t know why I don’t care because I have watched plenty of dubs but hearing from the dub actors rarely interests me. I guess I feel like they’re one step removed from the creative process.

Unicorn 3 was good. I had seen a fansub before in crappy quality on a computer so it was nice to see it on the big screen. It’s hard to analyze it too much because we’re mid-plot so I’m waiting to see how it comes out (giant sparkly rainbow?).

After Unicorn it’s back to Bluefin. We hung out a bit and then it was time to judge the Gunpla Builder’s World Cup contest. I judged along with Xavier from Bluefin and a couple members of Bandai’s Gunpla R&D from Japan. One of them was Sayuri Matsuoka, who headed up production on several Master Grade kits, including the Wing series.

So before I get into judging, let’s cover the non-contestant kits on display:

This Wing 0 was one of two kits we found in the Artist Alley for sale. Clem talked them into entering the contest, but they were disqualified since the builder was Japanese.

This was "The Ringer's" other kit. Really nice!

Clem's Panda Guy, not sure why it wasn't entered...

Clem's Gouf Custom (Resin Conversion)

Clem's "Pirate" (Chinese) Nightengale

My ANA Gundam, I hope the Bandai contingent liked it (or were they just worried about copyrights???)

My Cherudim, one guy walked by and said, "That's what the Cherudim SHOULD have looked like!" Nice!

My Hazel GAU, somebody said, "That's part ridiculous and part awesome." I totally agree.

And finally, my Ruby Guard GM. It looked great in the booth's lighting. I wanted to get it judged by the people from Bandai but the judging was too busy and I never asked.

I went through and carefully judged all the models. It’s hard on the first few kits because you have to kind of create a frame of reference. You think to yourself, “Is that rough paint job earn the kit a 7 or an 8? Well, let’s see, I gave that on the rough one a 7 so we’ll go with 7.” But until you’ve looked at a few you can’t do that. You also have to decide thing like, does this kit with mods but some build flaws deserve more points than this totally stock kit that was pretty well-built? You king of add a couple points for the mods and take away a couple points for the flaws and they kind of balance out. The more mods a person can pull off with as few flaws as possible, the more points they can probably get.

Another thing I try to do when judging is score each score category individually, although it’s hard to try and look at a kit and ONLY see it’s paintjob, so you’re making observations on all aspects of the build at the same time and then trying to decide where your observations fit into the scoring schema and then assigning points on a scale that can’t help but be somewhat dependent on the other kits you are judging.

The aesthetics of a kit is kind of hard to judge as well. I like to judge the aesthetics from a couple feet back because I’m looking at the kit more conceptually. It’s more art than science but what gets a little fuzzy is whether or not the model has a base and how nice the base is. Do you reward effort? Is a poor base better than no base at all?

Something I try not to do is total the scores in my head and start picking winners before I look at all the models. So, before totaling everything up I went and took a quick look at some of the models again, especially the ones I judged early on. In a couple cases I moved a score up or down a point since by then I had a complete frame of reference to judge by.

Having done that, I started totaling my scores. On my score sheet there were three clear winners, a little gap in the scores and then 4 kits that were tied for fourth place. There were another couple kits just behind them, and then the rest of the field a few points below that.

I felt a little nervous when I saw that 1 2 and 3 on my sheet were Clem, Casval, and Angel. Nothing looks suspicious like a judge picking his buddies’ kits. So I went back and looked again, but didn’t see anything I missed. So then I compared notes with Xavier.

Tied for first on my card with 265/300 points and 28 LED lights.

The other winner on my card, also 265/300. So nice, Casval!

In third with 250, Angel's The O. Nice panel lines and a good scene with the Jupiteris base.

My scores weren’t too far off from Xavier’s, but there were a few glaring exceptions. Where there were we took another look at those kits and discussed why our scores were so different. This mattered a lot in one particular case because when we looked at the Japanese judges’ scores, we saw that they, along with Xavier had scored the MG Hi-Nu much higher than I had. It turned out to be a matter of perspective, literally. I’m probably about 6 inches taller than the next tallest judge and I had noticed the the seam line on the top of the Hi-Nu’s beam rifle had not been fixed. In AMS terms I think you could say it was gaping.

Now, the Hi-Nu is a nice modern kit and with Bandai’s engineering, the kit only had a few seam lines that you had to fix. Other contestants had entered NG kits that were full of seam lines that they had fixed, so it seemed inexcusable to leave this one.

One fatal flaw (and my height) kept this otherwise sweet Hi-Nu out of the winner's circle.

I later learned that the modeler who built this kit had left the seam line on purpose so that the parts could be detachable and you could see the internal details of the gun. So, here’s some constructive criticism for this particular modeler and some advice for all modelers who are going to enter a competition. If you leave some part of your model imperfect to show detail, then you better have your model displayed in a way that shows that detail.

There’s a semi-famous story of a master modeler who took his tank model to the IPMS competition and displayed it with an unpainted tank commander figure in the hatch. He just put it there for scale, and assumed the judges would ignore it. Well, they didn’t. The judges knew the guy was good and otherwise the tank was a winner, but they weren’t allowed to overlook the fact that a piece of the model AS IT WAS PRESENTED AT THE CONTEST was unpainted, and it was out of the running.

When you enter a contest, you always have to display your model in a way that shows off its best features and hides its worst ones, even if that pose or setting is not your favorite. It’s really too bad about the Hi-Nu because aside from that seam line there were only a couple minor flaws and it would have been very hard to choose between it and the kit that eventually won the 1/100 scale prize. And judging aside, from two feet back it was just an awesome model in a beautiful pose on a nice base.

Another "Fatal Flaw" kit, this Gouf wasn't quite painted all the way around. Too bad.

One of the Japanese judges gave really high marks to the MG Gouf 2.0. Again, this was a nicely-built model that looked really good from two feet away, but it had a fatal flaw. When you looked carefully, you saw that in several places where there were curved parts on the model, they hadn’t received an even coat of paint. They had only been sprayed from one direction, and so the edges only got a faint coat of blue paint, leaving them primer gray.

I think the same judge (they wrote their names in Japanese) gave low marks to Casval’s RG Zaku, but we figured out that it was because Casval had intentionally painted the Zaku in different shades of pink, the judge had thought the paint job was of poor quality. It was a little funny that a person from Bandai wouldn’t know that the RG Zaku was supposed to be different shades of pink, but on the other hand I knew the model was supposed to be that way because I had seen it in progress. It bothered me to know that I knew this because of “inside information”, but I felt better because the other Bandai judge had understood the paint job and given the model a pretty high score. I think even if Xavier or I hadn’t been there they would have compared notes and figured it out.

I had scored Clem’s Sazabi and Casval’s Zaku at tied for first with 265 out of 300 points. Basically, the Sazabi’s mods were impressive, but its “Sazabi-on-a-stick” presentation and a couple small flaws kept it from being the clear winner. The Zaku was simple, but it was just soooo well built I’m still impressed by and envious of it.

Angel’s The O scored third, I think he got 250 points. The mods were simple but nice, they helped offset the fact that the model had a few flaws. The base added to the aesthetic score, but took a little away from the technical score, because of it’s not-so-perfect execution. The extra work in the mods and the base were what put it just ahead of that middle pack at 240 points that either had the mods but weren’t as well built or had the fatal flaw or were pretty well built but just too plain, and needed the extra effort to get them up with the winners. It’s all about scoring points, so the more you can add to the model while still maintaining the technical quality of your build and maintaining a nice and consistent aesthetic, the more likely you are to score high.

Is it a diorama or a decorative base? A pretty nice model with a little too much going on.

Here’s an example of an inconsistent aesthetic. The concept of this entry was the new Arios flying over the wreckage of the old Kyrios. There are some problems. The Arios is mounted to a nice acrylic base that has a paper with graphics and text underneath. On its own, this would be a nice display base. However, once you place the Kyrios on top of it, you now either have a nice display base with a battered model just sitting on top of it for no really good reason, or you have a totally unrealistic diorama of the Kyrios laying on top of about about a six-foot deep sheet of acrylic which then sits on a segment of tarmac (which is what the graphics on the paper were supposed to represent) that his huge words and graphics painted on it.

So, the battle damage on the Kyrios was pretty nicely done, but it was so out of place laying on that slab of acrylic that it took away from the aesthetics. A realistic diorama would have had a surface that was a simulation of actual tarmac and the Kyrios, being a metal object weighing dozens of tons and falling from the sky should have been at least slightly embedded in the tarmac.

Another way to incorporate the Kyrios would have been to have it on its own acrylic rod, but falling away behind the Arios, which is surpassing it.

This is NOT an MG QAN(T), but a nice homemade conversion. It needed some more surface preparation, it was rough in places.

This was a great concept and scored high on aesthetics, but it was a little lumpy and had quite a few fingerprints once you got up close.

Posing FAIL! Extremely low aesthetic score. And no weapon/shield is a pet peeve of mine. Otherwise the model wan't that bad. Give it a beam saber and a dynamic pose and get 15 or 20 more points!

A real nice MG QAN(T) in a great pose! Unfortunately the finish was ultra-glossy in some places and semi-gloss in others. It was in the middle groups and a consistent finish might have moved it up by the winners.

Second place in 1/144. We debated if teh rough texture on the pauldron was intentional (I thought it was) but it just wasn't as good as the Zaku.

Another posing fail, and again no armament. Also, armor plates were removed but nothing was done to the internals underneath, not even picking details out with paint...

So if you built one of these kits and you’ve stumbled across my site, I hope you don’t mind my constructive criticism. I’m hoping to teach and share here and most Gunpla builders are new to competition.

Okay, enough about that. Eventually, Xavier announced the winners, with Clem’s Sazabi winning best-of-show and qualifying for the trip to Hong Kong and Angel’s The O winning best 1/100 and Casval’s RG Zaku winning best /144.

I went and congratulated Angel. I remember last year I kind of yelled at him (actually at his wife since he wasn’t there) because his entry last year was one of those fatal flaw entries and I knew he could do better. I’m glad he proved me right.

I went and told Clem that his Sazabi was good, but needed some work if he was going to take it to Hong Kong. He really needs to mount it better to the base so he can include the shield and pose it more naturally so it isn’t a Sazabi-on-a-stick.

I also headed into the Bluefin booth to congratulate Casval profusely and to let him know that he didn’t just win because he was in a relatively small group of 1/144 scale kits but because his model was excellent (I also yelled at him last year for having no weapons on his Zaku, this year his new Zaku had two! HAHA!). I am so impressed by his Zaku. I guess it’s because he accomplished something I still struggle with and that’s making a model with a basically flawless finish. I’m gonna have to pick his brain at the next BG.

So with the contest basically over we hung out a little more and I gave out a lot of post-judging critiques to contestants. I saw improvement from last year and I hope to see more for next year. This year the number of entries was pretty low, just a dozen by the time you eliminated the people and kits that didn’t qualify, but I think the quality was up from last year.

The prizes for winning at AX in the Gundam Builder’s World Cup were kits signed by Matsuoka-san. I wanted one, too, so I borrowed a MG Wing Gundam from Steve at Bluefin (what a nice guy) and asked her to sign it for me. I took it home and traded box tops with the MG Wing I had at home and brought it back the next day to Steve.

Thank you, Matsuoka-san!

With the big event of AX over for the day, we headed home around 6pm. One more day left…

Anime Expo is Almost Here! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

June 29th, 2011 No comments

I’ve talked with Clem (Gamerabaenre) who usually organizes the AX model contest, and with Steve at Bluefin, who organizes the Gunpla Builders World Cup Live Events and since I’m judging both contests I wanted to coordinate the judging and model placement since it was kind of disorganized last year.

Last year more-or-less ALL models were entered and physically placed in the artist area of the exhibition hall. We judged the models Saturday afternoon for the Anime Expo contest, and then contestants had about an hour to make the mad dash with their models to set them up again at the Bluefin booth for the judging of the Bandai Gunpla Builders World Cup Contest. Some people weren’t there to move them, and they were disappointed that their models weren’t entered in the Gunpla Builders World Cup (GBWC). Bandai and Bluefin were disappointed because all the Gunpla wasn’t displayed in their booth for most of the expo. And I was exhausted after judging both contests the same day and bummed out because I missed some choice AX programming.

So here’s the plan for this year:

ALL Gunpla that fits the Bandai rules ( should be taken to the Bluefin Booth. You can still enter your Gunpla models in both contests, the AX contest and the GBWC. You’ll need to fill out both entry forms if you’re entering both contests.

All other models such as figures, non-Gundam mecha and Gundam mecha that doesn’t qualify for the GBWC, like resin kits or aftermarket conversion kits will be entered in the AX Contest at the artists display area.

See below for judging times and entry deadlines:

Important Gundam Related Information:
Anime Expo Model Contest
Judging will commence at 3:00PM Sunday July 3rd

Gunpla World Cup Competition
Entry deadline is 2:00PM and judging will commence at 3:00PM Sunday July 3rd

Gundam 00 Movie
7:00PM – 9:00PM
Hybrid Film Room
LACC Concourse Hall

Gundam 00 Panel with Mizushima
9:00PM – 10:00PM
Hybrid Film Room
LACC Concourse Hall

Gunpla Building Seminar
10:00PM – 12:00PM
LACC Room 515B

Other Gundam-Related Events:

Toshio Furukawa Panel
Voice of Kai Shiden in the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Bring your Guncannons!
7/1 10:30 AM
LACC 502

Gundam Unicorn 1 and 2 Screening
7/2 10:00 AM
LACC 403

Bandai Entertainment Panel / Gundam Official Panel
7/2 4:30 PM / 5:30 PM
Petree Hall

Mizushima Panel
7/3 11:30 AM
Petree Hall

The Panel
7/3 12:00 PM
LACC 502

Gundam Unicorn 3 Screening and Panel
7/3 1:00 pm
Concourse Hall has Arrived!

May 28th, 2011 1 comment

I finally bothered to register and with A LOT of help from Clem (Gamerabaenre) I’ve migrated my site’s contents over. is still providing all the hosting space but I thought it would be nice to tell people they could see my website at, instead of Mainly because Gamerabaenre is so damn hard to spell out to people when they try to write it down.

Other than the URL, the website is exactly they same.

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Today was a VERY good day!

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The day starts off right with my wife volunteering out of the blue to pick up my daughter after work, which means I have some built-in free time in my day.

It gets better at work when I notice I have some interoffice mail. Out of the blue, a coworker who I had loaned my box set of Evangelion to and lost 5 YEARS AGO decides it’s time to pay me back. Inside the manilla envelope? Another white envelope with $60. NICE!!!

So after work I decide to go to two places. The first is Fry’s because it’s right by my work where I take a portion of my cash and pick up Evangelion 2.22 You Can (NOT) Advance. The next is a store that opened up on Brookhurst just a few blocks away from my house. The banner outside says “ROBOT4LESS” and I can see posters of the RG Gundam and Zaku and the PG Strike Freedom. My wife saw it first, a few weeks back. I walk inside and am immediately impressed by the size and selection of Gunpla inside. There’s also a sign outside for Mac repair and I expected half a Gunpla store insode, but this place is ALL Gunpla, and it’s stacked pretty high.

Their online store is, and the store is located at:

1001 S. Brookhurst
Fullerton, CA

I checked it all and and talked to Roy, the owner and Saki, who works there. I also chatted up a customer who came in. I handed out a couple cards and tried to get everyone down to the Build Gatherings, and I hope to get everyone at the build gatherings down there.

I’ll give you the quick virtual tour. It’s a typical strip-mall sized store but being ALL Gunpla that’s like Japanese-store type selection. It wasn’t Yodobashi Akiba but it was up there with the better one-story shops you’d find in Akihabara. PGs, MGs, HGUCs (YES! HGUCS, In abundance!), NGs, HGs, RGs, SDs, Older Gundam kits from Victory, Wing, Zeta, MSV, F91, CCA, etc. They also had MG Figurerise, RRR, Scopedog, Patlabor, as well as a good selection of Robot Damashii and other figures. They had some magazines with many of the recent Dengeki/Hobby Japan parts boxes. They had a FULL rack of Mr. Color (no Leveling thinner, DAMN!) including Gundam colors and a few Gundam color sets. They had lots of other Mr. Hobby products as well. They also had a couple big stacks of Gundam decals as well.

in the back they are still unpacking, but the setup is a bigscreen with a PS3 for playing DW Gundam and also hosting little build sessions. Roy invited us to come over and have a gathering at his store. I told him we might not all fit but it would be a great palce for in-between build gathering gatherings. I hope the BG group can all head over there this Saturday.

And, finally, the bottom line… How are the prices? Well, they’re pretty good for an actual brick and mortar store. I bought a 1200 yen HGUC GM Ka for $16.99 minus a 21% discount they’ve got going (see them on Facebook for the coupon) so it was about $12.50, plus tax. I picked up a couple bottles of the Gundam color, which is larger than the regular bottles (18 mL vs. 10 mL) and it was $4.99 a bottle. I checked out a Hazel Custom that was $22.00 there, before the discount. That’s cheaper than the one I ordered from HLJ recently, even with 20% off the yen price.

I hung out there for about an hour of Gundam-nerd goodness and then headed home. And the icing on the cake? On my doorstep is my order from HLJ. Inside is said Hazel Custom and the Wave 1/72 Destroid Tomahawk. Sweet!

Like Ice Cube said, today was a good day.

(Oh, and BTW I’m writing this on my new PC I got yesterday, this is the first productive thing I’ve done on it).

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March Build Gathering and Valley Con 2011

March 31st, 2011 No comments

ValleyCon and the March Build Gathering

In March I hosted the build gathering at my house again.

The next weekend was ValleyCon. We came, we saw, we walked away scratching our heads, as usual.

Follow this link to see my (short and sweet) report and a selection of pictures

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