Wing Gundam Shadowbox

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MG Wing Gundam

Completed November 2013

This was another straightforward build so no WIP. I built this in a rush for Those Gundam Guys’ 2013 Southern California Gundam Model Contest. This year’s theme was Gundam Wing. I used Gunze’s Mr. Crystal Color pearlescent paints that Robot4Less carries.

For the red, white, and blue I airbrushed it directly over the plastic (although I took care to buff out any imperfections from nub sanding first) and it looks as if it is entirely painted. If I hadn’t been rushing I would have primed and painted it first since lumps in the plastic from the molding process show through a lot with the gloss paint but then again it’s in a dark box where you only see the front of the model so good enough, I guess.

The gold was Mr. Color Super Gold sprayed over gloss black and then covered with the Crystal Color topaz. Then gloss coats, panel line wash and decals and the model was done. The internals are Alclad Steel with a few other Alclad colors for highlights.

The front half of the shadowbox was an off-the-shelf item from Michaels. The back half was built from a pine rail bought from Home Depot and sawed in my miter saw into a frame that matched the front half. The back plate is particle board. I spraypainted it all black once I got it built and painted the mural with my airbrush based on the artwork at the start of each episode:

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