GM Assault Diorama

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Inspired by the release of Dengeki’s GM Wagtail, Those Gundam Guys decided to make a massive 6-part diorama depicting several squads of ~UC0083-era GMs assaulting a remnant Zeon base. We got it all finished in time for the first-annual Southern California Gundam Model Contest. Six of us each took a section and built 2-4 GMs and 1 or 2 Zeon MSs to pit against them Here’s how it all looked at the SCGMC:

One corner got the name “Whore Corner” because everybody had a turn at it. The original person responsible dropped out a couple months before the SCGMC. Another person took over and gave up a week before the SCGMC. In order to help finish, I took over a Zaku F2 and “quick-finished” it. After bringing it all home from SCGMC I put the finishing touches I didn’t have time to put on before SCGMC and set it up for pictures. Click the pictures below to see pages of each of the subjects:

Full Diorama:

Rick Dom II:

Cold District GM:

GM Quel:

Wagtail GM:

Powered GM:

Zaku F2:


M61A5 Tank:

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