ANA Gundam

This was a quick simple build with no WIP, so I’ll comment a bit…

So as part of the 30th Anniversay of Gundam, ANA (All Nippon Airways) painted up one of their 777s with a full-size Gundam and Bandai has created a special edition set of Gunpla. Unfortunately you have to fly ANA to get one. You order it from the sky mall catalogue.

But there I was, actually flying ANA from Hong Kong to Tokyo…

But I still couldn’t get one because I don’t live at a Japanese address!

Well, that’s OK because the kit has a pearl finish I’d have to strip and peel-and-stick stickers I’d have to, well, peel-and-stick.
So I grabbed a G30th HG Gundam kit (while I was at Shizuoka, you know, seeing the 1:1 Gundam heh heh) and made my own:

This was kind of a rush build to get it out by AX (literally started painting it the Saturday morning before AX, less than a week before AX started), so it was fun, but not perfect. I used Mr. Crystal Color pearl paint (Sapphire Blue and Diamond Silver) over regular blue and white paint. It just looks metallic in the pictures, and the white is more pearly than the blue, but I like the effect. I hope the Bluefin and Bandai guys get a kick out of it.

I didn’t do any mods on the kit other that the basic ones people do to avoid masking and allow you to paint parts and put them together afterwards. It’s a simple little kit with pretty good surface detail. Unfortunately the glossy white paint and glossy pearl and glossy glosscoat overwhelmed some of the panel lines so the panel line wash is hit-and-miss. If I ever do something like this again (and it’s possible, I’ve thought of doing the MG Wing I have in stock colors but pearly, and I have a NG 00 Raiser that I don’t have any particular plans for that might end up ANA as well) I’ll take some time and score all the panel lines on the kit a little deeper.

Fixing the seamlines on the lower legs was a pain in the ass because there’s a lot of very small raised and recessed detail. That was probably about 20% of the build time there. The kit was a weekend to snap together, about 12 days to do the rounds of putty/prime/sand which I did pretty obsessively since it was going to be glossy, a 1-week break for the Unicorn and then a week to paint, decal and panel line. That last week would have been two, but I had a special time allowance from the wife to get it done by AX. She owed me for all the time she needed at the end of her school year (she’s a teacher).