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More Super VF-1D Progress… Between rounds of Gundam Battle Operation

August 22nd, 2012 1 comment

Well it’s been another long stretch without an update. Having a baby in the house certainly curtails model building time. Also, Those Gundam Guys have all been sucked into playing Gundam Battle Operation.


My smoking but victorious GM

It’s a fun game, especially if you like Gundam and have some friends to play with. Piloting mobile suits in the game is similar to the old Federation vs. Zeon but it also reminds me a lot like playing Mechwarrior if you ever played those games back in the day. The action is kind of slow and deliberate. Making your shots count matters because a strong hit will stagger an enemy momentarily, allowing you to move into an advantageous position for the next shot. You and an enemy will tend to circle each other moving in and out depending on which weapons you’re cycling through and you’ll probably fight for about 30 seconds before one MS runs out of HP and explodes. There’s also a Counter Strike element because it’s an online team-based objective-oriented game. We’ve all got mics so we’re calling out how many enemies are where and when their base is wide open or when our base is under attack. We’ve been playing several nights a week.

To play this game you need a PS3, and then you need to create a Japanese account:

Youtube tutorial to make a Japanese PSN Account

Here’s an overview of the game, just Google for more info…

Gundam Battle Operation Info

But here and there I’ve got some time in on this neglected model. So after making my whites whiter, it was time for some serious masking to paint the circles, striped and sunbursts that make up my custom color scheme for this model.

I sliced pieces of tape into long pointy shapes so I could get the shredded look I wanted in the blue.

After painting the blue it was more masking to paint the metallic in the vents and exhausts as well as the black canopy frames and radome nose tip.

Then it was more masking to cover all the metallic areas since I don’t want it to lose its luster when I shoot clearcoats.

Then it was a little more masking as I went over the blue parts with a very diluted white to add some fade to them, just like I did with my Spitfire. You can barely see it in the picture but it makes big difference in person, the blue was way too stark and perfect against the shaded white before this effect.

So with painting finally done, I’m now gluing subassemblies together. I added some internal braces to make this hip stronger, it’s very little glued surface to hold the rest of leg and armor on.

Next up will be a clearcoat. I may decide to do panel lines before decals since I’m concerned too many layers of paint will fill in this model’s very fine panel lines. Then I’ll have to touch it up after the decals but it may be worth it. I lost a lot of panel lines on my ANA Gundam, although I bombed it pretty bad with pearl coats and then clearcoats.