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Model Building… Grinding… to Halt

January 2nd, 2012 No comments

With a baby on the way in April and my wife about to go on Winter Break, I decided in early December to start working on the process of turning my office into the baby’s bedroom, rearranging the family room where the build gatherings are held and fixing up the garage for better storage space. That would have been enough without the whole holiday rush but on top of that, my wife got sick, and then really sick, and then was ultimately hospitalized for a week with pneumonia.

Once she got back home, we got back to work on the house. And the swimming pool. I hadn’t planned to do crap to the pool because it’s winter, but since our old pool cover had disintegrated, every rain and wind storm had dumped massive amounts of leaves into the pool. Bah!

Anyway, we got a new cover and I think the pool is under control. We’ve made good progress rearranging the house. My dad and uncle are going to come over this week and help do some construction and painting. But for now the house and my work area are a mess so I’ve only managed a few hours of model building in the last couple of weeks…

I’m also in the process of selling off about 15 kits because I just have way more than fit in any reasonable fashion or that I might ever build. Anyway, hope to be back to building seriously in the next couple weeks.

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