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See My Models at Robot4Less

Recently the Robot4Less store got a nice big glass display case. Roy, the owner invited me to bring in some of my built models. I’m always glad to put up my models because to be totally honest I like to show them off, but also I hope they generate more interest in the hobby. Hopefully it helps Roy sell more models, too! I know I get inspired when I see other people’s work. I took five models, the Cherudim, the Peace and Freedom, the Enact, The Hazel OWSLA and the Sazabi:

I put up a little sign pointing people to my site as well as ThoseGundamGuys.org and the Gamerabaenre Forum. I also got a Southern California Gundam Model Competition sign put up. There’s another thing I want to generate interest in!

I talked to Clem (Gamerabaenre) and he said he might take a couple kits over as well. I’ll probably rotate different models through the case over time.

Roy asked if I would be willing to sell some of the models I brought it. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I have no idea what to charge for a kit and I’d have to decide which (if any) I’d be willing to part with…

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