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Anime Expo 2011 Day 1

After getting up early I took off to go get Juan and Lucio (my brothers-in-law) and we all headed to AX. We got there about 9 and found this:

At first we were freaking out because the line wasn’t moving, but it turned out that our line wasn’t moving. It turns out they had subdivided the lines into three parts and so once one section finished the next section got to move. It actually moved along pretty well, but we were still in the blazing sun for an hour. Good think I’m Mexican. I saw a poor Gurren Lagaan Yoko who was a very uncomfortable shade of pink. Who would expect to get a sunburn at Anime Expo?

Finally we’re back in air-conditioned comfort.

I split off from Juan and Lucio and headed to go see Toshio Furukawa.

He was the voice of Ace in One Piece, Piccolo in Dragonball Z, Shinohara in Patlabor AND Kai in Mobile Suit Gundam!

He also likes figures… like JRos!

Later in the afternoon I got him to sign an Action Base I made up with a picture from the HGUC Guncannon instructions so there’s definitely a Guncannon build in my future.

I really wanted to do something like this with Megumi Nakajima (voice of Ranka Lee) and the Ranka Edition VF-25 last year at AX but I was too disorganized and indecisive. I learned from that and this year I was ready!

I went to the exhibit hall but I actually never made it past the Bluefin booth. Between talking to Steve and Xavier and Casval and Jordan and Travis, and James and Kojima-san from Bandai and setting up my models and checking out the new kits I had plenty to keep me busy. It was VERY cool to see some preview models of kits that aren’t yet right here in the USA. I only got a picture of one, the MG Delta Gundam:

I forgot to take pictures of the HGUC GM III, HG Master and Shining Gundams and RG Zaku (Green). I’ll get those tomorrow. On a much larger scale, the Unicorn seemed pretty popular, there was a crowd around it taking pictures every time I looked.

I took advantage of the fantastic lighting in the display cases at the Bluefin Booth to get a good shot of my ANA Gundam:

I took a break from lunch and was joined by Jeff and Eun (I think I’m spelling that right…) from the gatherings and some of there friends joined us and we had a nice little lunch group. It’s nice to be part of Those Gundam Guys and be able to just go to AX and meet up with people like that. After lunch we went back to the exhibit hall, and ended up at… The Bluefin booth!

Then I finally got around to some shopping. In the corner, right after you look at all the displays of the built kits, there’s the “bargain section” where they have some kits in bent boxes (I got an HGUC Sinanju, the box was smooshed but the parts were mint). Then there was a funny exchange where Jeff and I were standing there with an MG ReZel (only $34!) and an MG V-Dash Gundam (only $55!). He had the ReZel, and I had the V-Dash. And we were drooling over the kits and then convinced each other that we each wanted teh other kit. So we swapped. Then we drooled some more, and swapped back again and then finally decided we both wanted the ReZel and they only had one!

Xavier let us know he’d be getting more the next day and I hadn’t even checked out the rest of the hall so I let Jeff take it. By then it was time for Furukawa to do autographs, so I got that and went to go see The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. It’s LONG, like 3 hours and I missed the beginning because I was getting Furukawa’s autograph, but Jeff let me know that the beginning as just setting the mood and he was right. Kyon even tells you about a half-hour into the movie, “That’s all just prologue…”

I really enjoyed the movie. Nagato gets to really break out of her Rei-like zombie girl schtick (kinda like Rei does in You Can (Not) Advance, now that I think about it) and the story really makes the most of the characters and their personalities so I totally dug it. I’ll have to see the interveneing episodes between season one and the movie some day.

So anyway, by then it was 7:30 (the movie is three hours long) so I headed home, I’ve got a loooong day tomorrow with nonstop Bandai panel, Gundam panel, Gundam 00 movie, movie panel and Clem’s panel from 4:30 to midnight and before that I’ve got to check out the exhibit hall! I didn’t even go through it today!

  1. Kager
    July 4th, 2011 at 22:51 | #1

    there were actually a lot of ReZel even on the last day, I was tempted to get it as well but I like the commander version a lot more, the wave rider mode of the normal ReZel doesn’t have wing and its looks clunky instead of a jet, while the commander version is just sexy, with a big cannon, who doesn’t like bigger guns ^_^

    and I found a PG Strike for $150, at least that’s what the price tag said…. but …..heh… I can’t get myself to spend $1xx on a model kit -_- even if its half price.

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