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May 28th, 2011 1 comment

I finally bothered to register and with A LOT of help from Clem (Gamerabaenre) I’ve migrated my site’s contents over. is still providing all the hosting space but I thought it would be nice to tell people they could see my website at, instead of Mainly because Gamerabaenre is so damn hard to spell out to people when they try to write it down.

Other than the URL, the website is exactly they same.

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4 GM (and a Rick Dom) Month

May 20th, 2011 No comments

So with the GMs, here’s what I did. The Quel is basically stock, but I’m arming him with 2 machine guns for dual-wielding and put a polycap in the backpack so that I could mount a shield on the back Gundam-style.

I made a second set of the bulkier GM shoulders and for now they’re on the Wagtail. I may end up putting them on the powered GM. I can’t decide. I like the GM Ka shoulders, but the PGM just needs some more bulk in the arms to match the hugeness of the body with that extra gear. I currently have the wagtail shoulders on it, but I think I’m leaning away from that.

I also did a mod to make the arms easier to take apart and paint. I wish I had come up with this when I built the Hazels, because this mod was much easier to do. It involves sawing the upper arm and inserting some plastic strips into the hollows there so that the lower arms will plug into the uooer arms (with glue, of course).

The one thing I am putting on the PGM is the calf thrusters from the wagtail. The PGM seems under-thrustered to me. If you look at all the bulk it has, it doesn’t really have any more thrusters than the standard Ka.

Then, this project has expanded somewhat. I’ve added a fourth GM, my Cold Districts type. It doesn’t necessarily fit because it’s a cold-type, but whether I include it in the final dio or not, I can build it with the rest at a volume discount! And I’m adding the castoff Rick Dom II in my collection as well.

Also, I took some time and made some decals for the build. Mostly they’re just rehashed of other decals I had made, especially for my Ruby Guard GM.

I needed a Zeon unit. It’s funny because I settled on a Rick Dom II. I guess the Rick Dom II doesn’t fit the storyline either. Why is a Rick Dom II in a Zeon remnant base on Earth? I don’t know, maybe the Axis fleet made an attempt to resupply the earthbound Zeon… What really matters is I’ve bought enough kits for this project, I should use one I already have.

I talked with Gamerabaenre about using the RDII and he suggested I just have fun with making it a land-type conversion by stripping it of space gear and adding what would look like field-modded ground-pounding gear.

I started working on it over the next week and really got into it during the May build gathering at my house (forgot to take any pics but it was a good gathering with LOTS of people). We had a little debate about whether the original Dom legs had fan-based hovercraft propulsion or verniers. My assumption (that I think was right) was that they were fans. The Rick Dom had verniers for space.

The point of the debate was that the Rick Dom II would lose its speed on Earth. It could jump with the thrusters but not glide like the original Dom. Why am I worried about this? Well, to make the RDII look ground-modified I wanted to strip it of thrusters since in my mind the RDII would now be stuck walking. Of course since the thrusters are all hidden, I cut down the back of the legs to signify the weight saving.

Without the mobility, I figure the RDII is now a large, high generator-output, heavily-armed but slow MS, so I went in the direction of artillery/long range support. So, I equipped it with the Zaku I sniper gear I wasn’t going to use. That huge backpack looked just right on the RDII and you gotta figure that rifle’s gonna kick ass with the RDII’s generator output.

To the top of the backpack I added what is supposed to look like a field-improvised mounting system. It can either hold 2 leg missile launchers (I used 1/100 scale for extra bigness) or one missile launcher and an “RPG” which is just a Zaku I bazooka mated with a Sturmfaust warhead. Still deciding on final layout. That RPG looks like it sits too high, plus it looks a little cheesy…

Speaking of layout, the six of us in the build got together at the BG and figured out the dio layout using the HUGE board that Angel brought. We’re gonna jigsaw it so that we each get a roughly rectangular-shaped piece.