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February 16th, 2011 No comments

Being on forums or going to hobby events I get asked questions about where to learn about the different kits out there or where to buy them. People also ask about where to learn to build mecha kits and how to find online community forums where they can find other people with the same interests.

I’m always rattling off this website or that shop’s name but there isn’t one place I can point to to help people out. A lot of people like myself build websites to share what they know, but no one website has all the information.

So, I put together a selection of websites to help people get started. That way I can tell people to just go to my website and find this page under Tips and Advice.

I’ll post that Valkyrie update eventually… I DID work on it. Some.

But for now, LINKS! Check it out…

Getting Started SUPER LINKS

I’m up for suggestions if I forgot something (but not just another website, something that would help a person new to mecha modeling).