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Sometimes… I don’t build models

November 12th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

While I have managed to squeeze a little model building in lately (the Cherudim is ready for a panel line wash, then flatcoat and assemble… almost there) a couple other things are taking priority this week.

The first is some very long overdue home improvement. I’ve been living with patches in many of the walls in my house for probably about 6-9 months now. It’s better than before when they were just holes, but still… The holes were cut by the electrician who overhauled our electrical system last December (yes, it’s been that long). My dad and I patched the holes around January but then we started working on the lawn and patches just don’t scream for fixing like holes do.

So this week I decided I was going to fix it. There were walls with repair work in the livingroom, kitchen, master bedroom, my daughter’s room, both hallways and the extra room (the build gathering room). Actually, it would have been easier to name the 2 rooms that didn’t need work…

Work involved sanding down the patch material (kind of like sanding filler putty on a model). I wisely bought a power sander that saved me a few hours work. Then I had to do some touch-up filling and re-sanding. Then I had to apply the crappy texture-in-a-can. I spent a lot of time with that step, trying to spray a wide area to blend with the original texture and dabbing at it using my fingers and a wet sponge on some of the walls to try to get the texture pattern to match. It looks like shit if you just spray it on over the patch.

That was day one. Day two was a bit of sanding of the texture, again to blend it better. The lots of painting. There were two large pieces of wall in the kitchen with no paint at all and large areas in the livingroom and one of the halls to paint over. I went through like six colors of touch up paint and had to clean my brush and roller between each color… ugh.

But now it’s done, though I still have to put the rest of the house back together (and fix the damn spot I forgot on the kitchen ceiling).

My second distraction can be seen in the last picture. ROCK BAND 3!!!!!

Christmas came early this year and so I finally shelled out the cash (or the credit card) and upgraded to Rock Band on the PS3. Anybody want to buy a Rock Band setup for Wii???

My wife actually encouraged me to make the switch. She was probably tired of seeing me debating whether to make the switch or not. I’ve lost about 80 DL’ed song in the process, but I’ll build them back over time. I’m really stoked to see how much more music I have available to me and that I’m limited by my wallet nad not the size of my SD card. I DL’ed 5 Jimi Hendrix songs and it was so much easier than the Wii. The only down side is that the red RB3 guitar has a dull, rough “finish” (it’s just the bare plastic) which feels cheap and… um… plasticky. Plus my instruments are obviously mismatched. But I saved almost $50 buying them that way, and I get Rock Band Beatles. I might be tempted to switch out the guts of that red guitar with the ones in my beloved Wii sunburst Strat. We’ll see…

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