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Ruby Guard Complete… Mostly.

August 22nd, 2010 No comments

I had painted my final flat clear coat either Sunday or Monday night and I was sure that the model would be done by mid-week, but several issues came up.

First were the seams around the knees. There is one that runs up the calf armor that is only partly obscured by molded detail. This runs right up to a seam in the knee parts of the internals. I figured I could leave the 5mm seam on the calves (the pictures of the kit on the box don’t have the seam fixed) but I thought I should fix the knee, so to make it a little easier I covered the seam with a tiny strip of plastic:

I was going to use some Aurora film I have from an Ako conversion kit on all of the lenses. I wouldn’t have thought it would wrap around the complex curve of the face visor, but Ako built this so it must be possible, right?

Not so much… it came out all wrinkly so I had to peel it off, mask all the lenses and spray them silver (in some cases) and then a mixture of transparent green and transparent yellow.

I had another fix to make when I realized that the internals of the forearm guns weren’t as covered up as I thought they would be, resulting in some really ugly gashes showing, so I filled them with CA glue and masked and repainted them.

The real pain in the ass was that I ran out of my old supply of Mecha Skunk 1mm straight tube beads mid-model. I knew I would run out so I ordered more months ago. It turns out, Mechaskunk’s new 1mm beads are significantly smaller than the old ones. They fall right through the holes I pre-drilled all over the model. I had also planned to use them inside of these beads I found at Michael’s that when combined look like a tiny little thruster.

I had some other 1mm beads from Michael’s but they’re crap and had to be seriously de-burred before placing them in the holes I had drilled. I eventually got them all in place but instead of just popping them in each one took several minutes of filing and test-fitting to get in place. Also, no amount of de-burring would get them to fit inside of the larger beads I had, so I just plugged those holes with 1mm plastic rod and painted it black to keep daylight from showing through. The whole experience thoroughly sucked.

Anyway, there it is:


It’s got several scratches to touch up from the difficulties I had putting it together. As uptight as I’ve been about getting everything perfect on this model, I want to fix them before final photos but right now I can barely stand to look at the thing, the assembly process was so frustrating.

Final pictures should be up within a week.

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