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Ready for Paint!

May 25th, 2010 No comments

After priming, I put some Mr. Surfacer 500 over the bondo, which was too grainy. I sanded that down and re-primed and then added a few more dabs of touch-up Mr. Surfacer,

Ditto for the thighs I had extended. There were several rounds of putty/sand/prime with each round yielding about half “done” parts and half that needed more putty.

I cheated on this tricky bit of seam by adding some half-round plastic rod so we still get nice detail but the seam is all covered up.

The gun… 🙁 I was in denial about how crooked my extended barrel was . Once it was all painted the same color there was no denying it. So, I sawed it off and shimmed it straight and filed it back to a straight line…

Which explains why it was one of these last few pieces to be finished:

Now the parts are finally ready to paint!!! There won’t be much masking, so hopefully it will go fast.

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Modding Burnout!

May 6th, 2010 No comments

Blah blah blah… more mods… I’ll sum it up quickly:

1. I installed a polycap in the groin for in-flight posing.
2. I finished replacing all all but the 2 main boosters on the backpack.
3. I cut out the vent slots in the backpack and put some mesh behind them.
4. I puttied a bunch more stuff including some fun ejector pin marks….

5. And finally (since I’m so OVER modding for this kit)… I primed and started round 2 of sand and putty. 2 whole months til Anime Expo but I’m starting to feel the pressure of time ticking…

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