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More GM Custom Progress

April 9th, 2010 No comments

Well, the lawn is done for now. It will need more work, but I want the grass that is growing to grow in before I do any more to it. But then we started on the pool. About a $1000 later it’s more or less ready to swim in.

As far as the GM, I’ve been working but not posting, so here’s the latest. I finished detailing the gun:

And have built a bayonet to go underneath it, I forgot to take a picture when it was closer to done:

Since I was including the gatling gun arms from the NT-1, I had an idea to change one into a beam saber, so I cut off the tab for the gun and placed a ring to be a receptacle for the beam saber:

And cut down a beam saber to fit inside:

Since then I’ve just been detailing the model up. I’ve been scribing some panel lines and cutting out lame plastic detail to replace it with better stuff.

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