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Growing some Grass (and Hay)

June 19th, 2009 No comments

Using a bunch of Woodland Scenics railroad foliage products, I’ve added some life to my dio. First up was some grass, which was made up from “Weeds” and “Burnt Grass” varieties of their Turf and also some crumbled Light Green Foliage, for some texture:

I then assembled the fence parts I had previously painted:

Then I made what I hope looks like recently cut hay by chopping up a mixture of some green and tan Woodland Scenics field grass. BTW all this is glued on with watered down Elmer’s white glue, which I brushed on.

I’m currently in the middle of sheeting the outside walls of the foam with balsa wood, which I will sand and then stain.

Finally, I’ll make a haystack, which I actually spent an hour researching on Google to get it right.

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Airbrush Tank Setup Page Added

June 14th, 2009 No comments

I just added a page with details and links to the products you will need to connect your airbrush and compressor to an air tank. Check it out under “Tips and Advice and Things”!

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Diorama Progress

June 14th, 2009 No comments

The last couple weeks I haven’t had a lot of time or energy to work on this thing. Work has been crazy with the re-introduction of the new IT system. We get to do all the work on the old system and then do it all again on the new system. Yay.

Anyway, I started the base by gluing together several blocks of green florist’s foam and carving them to more or less match the oval shape of the base I had:

Looks like a green-frosted cake…

A whole bunch of Google image searching showed that there’s no such thing as a flat road in Italy (where I imagine this scene is happening) so after some sketches I drew some rough contours around the outside of the foam and went to town with my X-Acto saw and sandpaper. It makes a big powdery green mess, but it’s pretty easy.

I then used a loosely-wrapped sanding block to carve out a roadway. I went shopping for some tiny balsa wood sticks to make a fence out of:

Then I went to work on the fence since I figured it should be painted before I laid the ground on the dio. I distressed the wood by squeezing it with my fingers and also rolling it under my X-Acto knife handle:

I painted the sticks brown, then dry brushed them with a gray-tan mix of oil paints:

Next I clearcoated them to seal the oil paint and glued them in. I also glued on some rocks with white glue (the rocks are vermiculite, you can buy big bags at Home Depot).

Then i mixed up some celluclay (following these tips: [url][/url]).

I spread it on and then dusted on some oven-dried soil and blew off the excess. Finally, I “drove” over the road with the wheels and axle of the Citroen:

The celluclay is drying as I type. I just need to build the fence and add some grass and then wrap up the green sides with some poster board or very thin plywood or something and the dio is done.

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Mustang vs. Citroen and PG Astray Progress

June 1st, 2009 No comments

OK, with the bulk of the work on the Astray leg done and since I’m stuck waiting for decals, I’m back to the Mustang diorama.

For starters, the insides of the doors needed some detailing. I searched Google for pics of the Citroen and found that the only detail there was on most of them was the door handles and window roll-down handles. So I started with Koto’s smallest round mold and drilled some holes in them:

I then bent tiny bits of very thin brass wire to make the handles. It was a pain in the ass and they result is too big for scale, but I think it’s better than having no detail at all:

I also worked on sculpting all the missing chunks of the two German figures. I first sculpted them the best I could with Magic Sculpt, then filled the missing bits with red Bondo glaze and spot putty:


I also cleaned up the doors and door frames of the Citroen and painted it:

The paint started with a coat of Mr. Color German Gray pre-shade, which is REALLY dark. I then filled things in with a much-lightened mix, and then made an even lighter third color just to make an extra level of fade on the upper surfaces only.