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PG Astray Group Build

May 17th, 2009 No comments

A bunch of us from Gamerabaenre’s forum group went in together and bought a PG Astray and divided it up. I’m building the left leg.

Here’s the color scheme:

Here are pics of all the parts in progress:

The last pictures are mainly a detail painting guide for my friend, Angel, who is building the other leg.

I’ve also rendered some decals, mostly the stock design, but with white replacing gray, but I made a few original things as well:

The Junk Guild and “Lowe” logo are probably the most complicated decals I’ve ever made.

If you want to check out the group build, check it out on Gamera’s Forum:
PG Group Build

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Old Progress… finally posted

May 5th, 2009 No comments

More progress. The decals on this plane were a pain in the arse. I used a mixture of Scale Master/Warbird decals for the main markings and Tamiya for the stencils. Compared with the Samuel Decals I’m used to using, these decals are THICK. The star insignia on the top wing gave me fits. A bunch of bubbles got trapped under it and to get (most of) them out I had to apply so much MicroSol that the decal then wrinkled up (even as it was drying, I know they’re supposed to wrinkle) and I had to literally press it back to (mostly) flat by smashing it down flat with my thumb. It’s bad when you have to result to such a lack of finesse to get something done on a model.

Baby’s got back!

I also worked on mounting the Mustang. Insert joke here.

Now I can finalize the posing of the German figures.

And then this Zaku shows up… No, that’s just a MG size reference for those who don’t deal in 1/48th scale.

This is actually some old progress. I got pretty sick in the second half of April and that plus the PG Astray group build has weakened my interest in this project. I may work on it this Friday. Basically, the closer I get to really having to make the dio, the slower I go… Lots of untrieds there for me.

Jesus Christ it’s a Mustang get out of the car!!!

Still need to mix up some Magic Sculpt to fix the gaps in the legs, but the general pose looks right.

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