Well, after destroying my own site by synching it with an empty folder (I thought the synch would work the other way…), it’s back! Thanks to Gamerabaenre for help getting it back.

A couple of the model gallery pages look funny after putting the site back together, there must be a couple files missing still, but before I get into tracking down small details like that I want to work out the big picture better.

In that vein, I’ve created a new header image to give my site a personal Funaka/mecha touch using an image of my Hazel Gigantic Arm Unit model. I may do more later, but it’s a start. I now have to redo my gallery pages in CSS so that they maintain a consistent theme, even if I make changes to it elsewhere.

Oh, and I have to post progress on my current WIP. Quite a bit of progress on the Mustang…

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