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Wow, this website sucks… so far

January 7th, 2009 No comments

So I’m blogging my first blog. I’m basically planting the flag and staking my claim on this (borrowed) piece of the internet (thanks, Clem).

My plan is to move and improve the content from my sad old website:

Funakatown on Time Warner (booooo!)

From there, we’ll see what I do. I plan this more as a website than a blog, because outside of model building, I don’t imagine anybody but my family cares much about my personal life. I’ll probably blog my current WIP and then archive it as a page when it’s done.

So when Im not playing Rock Band, or making my wife and daughter happy and I can get away, I’ll be rebuilding Funakatown here. Until then, my apologies to anyone who somehow stumbles upon this site.

There, that beats the hell out of the default “Hello World!”

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